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Tanggal : 06/26/2020, 09:48:28, dibaca 1995 kali.


Tata Cara Melihat Pengumuman PPDB Kab. Wonogiri Tahun 2020 :



a. Masyarakat umum dapat melihat pengumuman PPDB Kab. Wonogiri 2020 dengan cara klik Seleksi, 

b. Peserta dapat melihat dengan klik Seleksi atau login menggunakan akun yang telah dibuat sewaktu pendaftaran sebelumnya.




a. Lihat di papan pengumuman di SMPN 1 Selogiri pada pukul 13.00 WIB


Mohon pada saat melihat pengumuman tetap melaksanakan protokoler kesehatan (pakai masker, menjaga jarak, cuci tangan pakai sabun.

Atas dukungan dan kerjasamanya disampaikan terimakasih

Sukses untuk Selogiri.


Link Pendaftaran PPDB Online :


Link Tutorial Membuka Pengumuman PPDB Online :




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It is with sad regret to inform you that BestLocalData.com is shutting down.

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It is with sad regret to inform you StarDataGroup.com is shutting down.

Any group of databases listed below is $49 or $149 for all 16 databases in this one time offer.
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- LinkedIn Database
43,535,433 LinkedIn Records

- USA B2B Companies Database
28,147,835 Companies

- Forex
Forex South Africa 113,550 Forex Traders
Forex Australia 135,696 Forex Traders
Forex UK 779,674 Forex Traders

- UK Companies Database
521,303 Companies

- German Databases
German Companies Database: 2,209,191 Companies
German Executives Database: 985,048 Executives

- Australian Companies Database
1,806,596 Companies

- UAE Companies Database
950,652 Companies

- Affiliate Marketers Database
494,909 records

- South African Databases
B2B Companies Database: 1,462,227 Companies
Directors Database: 758,834 Directors
Healthcare Database: 376,599 Medical Professionals
Wholesalers Database: 106,932 Wholesalers
Real Estate Agent Database: 257,980 Estate Agents
Forex South Africa: 113,550 Forex Traders

Visit www.stardatagroup.com or contact us with any queries.

Kind Regards,

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